About Us

Vietnam Pangasius Association was established on January 3rd 2013 to represent the fish sector including farming, processing and exporting pangasius commercial enterprises and other organizations. We are voluntarily established to rally, unite and protect the rights of members to contribute to the economic and social well being of our country.
Vietnam Pangasius Association members include organizations, individuals and businesses in Vietnam, who work in farming, processing and exporting Pangasius. It was approved by the Statute of the Vietnam Pangasius Association. It is voluntary to join the association and to be recognized by executive committee.

  Functions and tasks:
  • Represent for members in relation to internal and external matters.
  • Protect the legitimate rights and interests of members operating domestically and internationally.
  • Contributing ideas or suggestions for the improvement of policies in the fish industry.
  • Participate in research programs, themes, counseling, social criticism and pangasius sector in Vietnam.
  • Organize and provide public service, vocational training courses as prescribed by law.
  • Join the relevant international organizations and sign international agreements in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.
Direction of the main tasks of the first term
  • Create enterprise networks, individuals and organizations so as to establish and manage related sectors in the value chain. It is also to assure product traceability and protection for consumers.
  • Promote and enhance the application of science and technology to improve the quality of products from the producing - farming - processing - exporting in order to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality of products, and diversify products that are made from Vietnam's pangasius, and make use of national resources in a more effective way.
  • Build a database system and providing information on Vietnam's pangasius sector.
  • Connect international partners to support and develop overseas markets and training for the improvement of capacity management for organizations and individuals in professional associations.
  • Build a Vietnam's pangasius trade mark based on quality of  products and protecting the interests of consumers, environmentally- sustainable development, sustainable business development both for domestic and international enterprises.
  • Strengthen the social criticism role in the process of building important policies affecting the pangasius industry and the legal system for managing the Vietnam pangasius value chain, especially as the Decree for producing and exporting pangssius will be enacted.
For the organizing, in the first term, the main duties are:
  • Completing the operation of the Executive committee, inspection, office, financial regulations management and assets of the Association and coordinating regulations with banks, customs and statistics, ...
  •  Assigning a tasks of the executive committee who are the expert committee according to the charter.
  • Organizing the pangasius's office and establishing special committee. 
  • Executive production committee, processing and exporting; external relations and trade promotion; legislation and develop committee members. 
  • Building, quality management and trade mark.