Young’s launches pollock Gastro products as whitefish prices rise

News   15/03/2018 - Nguyễn Trí Tín

UK processor Young’s Seafood has added two products to its Gastro range using Alaska pollock raw material, becoming the latest company to use the fish in new product development.  
Young’s has added two breaded products – with lemon and pepper and sweet chili flavors – to its Gastro range. A spokeswoman for the company confirmed to Undercurrent News that pollock is the raw material being used.
The products are available in retailers Asda and Iceland, the company said.
The use of pollock in more Gastro products comes as prices for pangasius, cod and haddock, three forms of whitefish used in the range, are riding high.
Prices for pollock have been set low, but are also starting to rise, as companies such as Trident Seafoods push hard on new product development. Also, High Liner Foods' CEO recently told Undercurrent the company would look at pollock product development, with prices for cod set to remain high. 
During the North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen, Norway, held March 6-8, an executive with Trident predicted global pollock fillet demand in 2018 would outstrip supply by 40,000 metric tons.