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March 28, 2017 According to Vietnam Pangasius Association (VINAPA) customary activities Meeting of Vinapa Members is held regularly in order to update the information of and exchange the issues araising the industry. The meeting discussed topic about “The Impacts of World Economic on Vietnam Seafood Industry” and was a simultaneously ceremony to reward the members according to their sustainable development.The event attracted 300 guests including businesses, government agencies, local seafood association, the media and press in the seafood industry. The changes in the US Government, EU complicated happenings as well as enormous increase of exporting Vietnam pangasius and other seafood into China market has illustrated the forecasting picture of the coming big changes.Highet technological requirements for the products has been given.So the trust in the product has faced not only competitiveness with other international products but also quality of labors, equipments for checking and recognizing the risks of food safety of mangement mechanism of private enterprises  and government administration for the industry as well.

The risinng incidences of video of pangasius farming environment, Carrefour annoucenment,  spanish confederation of parents and mothers asking for a ban on pangasius, and questions for traceability for Vietnam seafood commodities receiving preferential duties are leading to concerns and aniety over forecasting the growth in this market.

The event also provided information under prospect of European Charmber of Commerce (EUROCHARM) in Vietnam according to challenges in Vietnam food industry.Some products specifically pangasius and shrimp was rejected by importing countries because of antibiotics, hormone and harmful chemicals which was resutled a part from the lack of effective management mechanism, tracebility system, Certificate of origin and quality of insufficient labs/testing of inspection services.While referential duties is given, the requirements for Geographical Indications for food products, certificate of orgigin of the products should reach the international standards in order to maintain trading opportunies from the EU-VIENAM Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA).
The meeting also offered a forum to exchange directly with Consulate General of China, China Seafood Association, Zhan Jiang Seafood Associtation of Guangdong province about difficulties and challenges of Mekong Delta seafood industry in trading with Chinese traders toward sustainable business with this market which has been the leading seafood importer of Vietnam from 2016 up to now.

Participants of the event were interested in a prominent topic “International trading intergration and business risks of seafood industry”. Every year there has been a loss of billions of USD from Vietnam total export value.It is essential to build an evaluation system to prevent or overcome the risks of international contracts.The loss in international trading contracts did reduce the business capacity of production and capital. Assurane Global Services and Solution provided businesses with solutions to access risk management and steps to negotiate in case of arising business disputes.Assurance Global has an unmatched network of law firms around the world so it can track the actual trading situation of Vietnamese business partners and quickly deal effectively with disputes thanks to their understanding of local laws and customs.Especially it offers recovering outstanding trade balances and only get paid when businesses do.Assurance Global expects to cooperate with Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC VN) to build a international trade risk recognition system to prevent the international finacial loss soon in internal business.
Business competition competence is demonstrated fot not only the quality of the commodities but also price and cost relating to logistics and transport services.Saigon Newport Corporation has made great efforts to bring international ship to the West ports to gradually remove transporting by refrigerated lorries from provinces in the west to ports in Ho Chi Minh City, shorten the time of loading, and transporting by barge and open Cai Cui New Port in Cantho for direct lines from this place to Hongkong, Huangpu, Rotterdam and Singapore.
Consulate General of China, and China Seafood Association emphasized that Chineese traders coming to Vietnam to do trading activities harmful to the market will be paid attention carefully and ban sales that impact wholesome business between the two sides’ traders.Participating in the exhibition activities of Zhan Jiang Seafood Associtation holding anually (Exhibition year 2017: on 18-20/06/2017 in Zhan Jiang) or other seafood show holding by China Seafood Association where prosperious businessmen get together will help to prevent the risks of trading without quota.Trading with quota is the way to protect finance and quality of seafood products of the Mekong Delta. Members of China seafood association also presented their orientation from 2017 onward that transporting non-quota good to China will be closely checked for quality and traceability of raw material to ensure food safety for consumers.

The event was also a ceremony to reward certificate of satisfactory progress for VINAPA Members for their excellent achievements in building sustainable development of the industry and their partners for excellent contribution in sustainable pangasius chain and building pangasius image through their material supply, good and prosperious services in 2016.
Photo:VINAPA Members rewarded
Members and individuals rewarded certificates from Chairman of Vietnam Pangasius Association including
- Vinh Hoan Coporation
- International Development & Investment Corporation
- Hung Ca Company
- Co May Lai Vung Limited Company
- Van Dat Limited Company
- Vemedim Vemedim Corporation
- GEPIMEX 404 Company
- Farmer Phat Ngoc Le at 300A/1, Thoi My II Hamlet, Vinh Thoi Village, Lai Vung District, Dong Thap Province.
- Farmer Muoi Van Lam at 359 /38 Nguyen Van Cu Street, An Phu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Cantho City.
- Farmer Ho Van Lam in Thoi An Ward, O Mon District, Cantho City.
- Farmer On Van Voi in Vinh Thoi Village, Lai Vung District, Dong Thap Province.

The members rewarded has been doing business effectively in 3 continuos years without any violations in the industry regulations, building good mechanism, contributing enormously to the policy of the industry and develop stronger and united Pangasius Association.
         Thanh Trúc

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